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Tips About Meat

Here is how to treat the meat before you cook it

How to cook meat that hard?
How to grind the meat with ease?


When you get old beef and hard. Usually takes a long time in the cooking
so the meat becomes tender.
By adding a fermented wine as much as 2 teaspoons for every kilogram of
meat into water used to boil the meat then the meat will be tender faster.

wrap the meat with papaya leaves for 2 to 3 hours after that
washed and boiled.


Grind the meat with a rolling pin is very easy, but always there was still
some shortcomings.Meat that has not millstones in the mill and the rest of
this should be our little chopped.
This is very troublesome. The fix is after all the meat is inserted into
the milling,insert a piece of bread or boiled potatoes into the meat grinder
and the rest will not smooth out well from the mill, and bread or potatoes
can be mixed with the shredded meat.

happy cooking

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