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The Correct Way to Cook Rice

Here are TIPS and the correct way to cook rice
1. Grain must be removed first, because it can make you infertile

2. Rice should not be washed very clean, because the efficacy of rice will be reduced (B1 content which makes the skin bright, clean, & healthy as vit. E), who was conceived naturally and nutrition of rice.

3. We recommend using a clean water so as not smell and can make it last. particularly for health, make sure first that you'll use the water is really clean.

4. Use a clean pan, for better results (not a former cook side dishes, especially meat and eggs), after cooking, steam until cooked, then stir to clean, durable, and good rice texture.

5. The intensity of the water affects the length of cooking rice

6. To be more nutritious, add to powder. A good fiber will cleanse the blood & makes a brighter vision.

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