Crab Soup - Resep Masakan

Crab Soup

Ingredients:     2 litres of fish stock, 2 medium-sized crabs, 100 gram ginger, 50 gram scallions, 50 gram Indonesian parsley, salt, pepper to taste.


    * Make fish stock by boiling fish bones in 8 cups of water
    * Remove these bones after a few minutes.
    * Wash crabs, split into several parts
    * Cut ginger into very thin slices
    * Cut scallions and Indonesian parsley
    * Reheat stock for about 5 minutes, put everything into the stock
    * Add salt and pepper to taste

* Baby corn soup
Ingredients:     5-6 ears of baby corn, 5 spoons of milk, 1 spoon of butter, 1 spoon of flour, salt and pepper.


    * Boil baby corn and let it cool
    * Grind/powder corn with a blender
    * Heat butter, put flour after it melts, mix evenly
    * Put in powdered corn with salt, pepper, and milk
    * Let it sit for five minutes in medium heat

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