Soto Madura - Resep Masakan

Soto Madura

Ingredients:     500 gr beef or internals, 100 gr bean sprouts, 80 gr rice noodles, 60 gr Indonesian parsley, 60 gr scallions, 60 gr ginger, 1 lime, salt and pepper.


    * Boil meat until done. Drain and cut into bite-sized slices.
    * Remove the tails of bean sprouts, boil until half done
    * Boil rice noodles separately
    * Keep these in separate plates
    * Cut Indonesian parsley and scallions
    * Grind shallots, and brown it for a little bit
    * Skin and cut ginger
    * Make beef stock using beef bones boiled in water for about an hour. Remove bones, and put in salt, pepper, ginger, and shallots.
    * Serve the soto by putting the beef, bean sprouts, noodles into a bowl. Pour soup into it.
    * Sprinkle with Indonesian parsley and scallions.

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